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Senin, 12 Maret 2012

Contoh Tanya Jawab Dalam Bahasa Inggris

A  : Excusme friend, may I ask you?
B   : Of course, what do you want to ask me?
A  : Where do you go to school?
B   : I don’t go to school anymore, but I follow a lecture.
A  : Where do you follow a lecture?
B   : I follow a lecture in the University of Bengkulu.
A  : How many brothers and sisters do you have?
B   : I have one brother and three sisters
A  : What child are you in your family?
B   : I’m the first child in my family
A  : Who is the oldest child in your family?
B   : Me, myself.
A  : Who is the youngest child in your family?
B   : My sister Rahmi.
A  : How old are you?
B   : I’m eighteen years old
A  : Where and when were you born?
B   : I was born in Bengkulu, 3 July 1993.
A  : How weight are you?
B   : I’m forty five kilograms
A  : What’s your favorite food?
B   : My favorite food is fried rice
A  : What’s your favorite drink?
B   : My favorite drink is mango juice.
A  : Who takes you here?
B   : Nobody takes me here, I come here alone.
A  : How do you come here?
B   : I come here by public transportation.
A  : What lesson do you like?
B   : I like English lesson.
A  : What thing is most difficult in your life?
B   : to defeat the lazy feeling.
A  : Why do you sit down dreamy there?
B   : I’m thinking something.
A  : What is your reason to come here?
B : I just want to play only.
A  : how about your feeling if someone that you love will go in the long time?
B   : I will feel very sad and lost.
A  : Had you done task that was given by lecturer yesterday?
B   : not yet, I forget.
A  : why do you come late today?
B   : because I stay up and talk all night
A  : What will you do if you are in difficult situation?
B   : I will pray to God.
A  : Can you go to front explaining?
B   : I can’t, I’m not too fluent to speak English.
A  : Why don’t you have a boy friend up to now?
B   : I want to focus studying first.

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  1. buat pemula harusnya ada terjemahannya :) biar mudah di pelajari